Rack N Roll Billiards Has a Full Service for Pool Tables in Reno, Nevada

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Pool Tables Reno NV TruckMoving pool tables can be a daunting project. Many pool tables weigh up to one thousand pounds making it almost impossible to move without an injury. Because they are heavy, they could sustain damage that may not be repaired.

Most people do not realize that pool tables are assembled in pieces. If a pool table is not properly moved it won’t be level which means, there will be damage. At Rack N Roll Billiards, we are the company with the experience and tools to move pool tables anywhere in Reno, Nevada.

Rack N Roll Billiards has the ability to move pool tables in just a few hours. Moving a table with friends can take all day. A pool table should not be laid on its side when moved because it will get damaged. Plus, if a friend gets injured, the owner of the pool table is responsible for the medical bills. We are insurance and licensed so if our crew is injured, you are protected.

Many times, we have the ability to save the existing felt that is on the pool table. However, if the felt is five to ten years old for a table that is used frequently, it is recommended to have the table re-felted.

When you have us move your pool table, think about having your pool table re-felted. When pool tables are re-felted, a portion of the pool table needs to be disassembled. Rather than have it taken apart more than once, we can add into our schedule to re-felt the pool table. This keeps your costs and time down.

We use several different lines of felt, however, Championship Invitational and Simonis 860 are our most popular cloths. They have the largest variety of colors to choose from and last longer that cheaper felts.Pool Tables Reno NV Logo

If you are going to just have us re-felt your pool table, you might consider having us do some repair work if your table is older. Because Reno is a dry climate, many parts of the pool table can become dry and brittle. Cushions are made of rubber and it dramatically effects how the ball will rebound off one of them if the rubber gets too old.

If the move is going to be long distance and professional movers are hired, Rack N Roll Billiards can crate pool tables in a matter of hours. The only thing that is needed is the dimensions of the pool table, so the right materials are available to build the crate.

Pool Tables Reno NevadaWith over sixteen years of experience working on pool tables, Ran N Roll Billiards not only repairs, re-felts and moves pool tables, we can also update the older pool table. Our professionals can customize pool tables with a logo from sports team or have a high-resolution photo printed on the felt.

Rack N Roll Billiards is happy to help individuals sell their pool table and other related items on their website. There are many happy customers who have listed their pool table on our site and then used us to move and install.