Palm Tree Trimming Tips

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It’s just turning into spring here in Henderson, NV and I live in the most gorgeous guard gated community there is in this part of Green Valley. Everything is blooming and it appears that I need to get on my home owners association (HOA) again to start getting all of the palm tree trimming work done. It seems as if it’s about twice per year that we have to hire a palm tree trimming company to come out and use their high end equipment to trim the palm trees. And what a process it is for the palm tree trimming company. They are really crazy in my mind as they are at least 60 – 75 feet in one of those cherry picking type cranes to do the palm tree trimming job. Sometimes, I think that they take too much of the palm fronds off when they are trimming the palm trees, but they do grow back very fast.las vegas palm tree trimming

One main reason I’m so excited to get the palm tree trimming company back out here is that the growth that is coming from the center of the trees is flying through the air causing a real big flare up in my allergies. I’m not the only one suffering as everything in our community is literally green from all of the pollen and plants shedding their pine needles. It is just a disaster in Resort Villas until we can get some rain and that isn’t currently in the forecast. I’m thankful that our palm tree trimming company, Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros, was able to accommodate us as quickly as they have.

Another big reason that we have the palm tree trimming company out is that if the trees aren’t actually trimmed, they become a breading ground for all kinds of rats and rodents. Since we are on a golf course, we do have some issues in regards to rats and other rodents. One other problem that occurs is coming from the golf course and that is bees. The dead areas on the palm tree can create a perfect secluded area for a bee hive or even other bugs nests. Bee hives are all over on the Wildhorse Golf Course as I’ve seen some that are at least three to four feet in length and probably another two feet in diameter. It’s a big problem over on the course and they seem to end up in our community from time to time.palm tree trimming las vegas

There’s one more thing that can go wrong if you don’t have a palm tree trimming project done and that is if they are too close to a swimming pool or jacuzzi, they can cause serious issues. The seeds and flowers from aged palm tree fronds can get blown into the pool. This actually throws off the chemical balance within the pool and starts the process of growing algae. As you can imagine, it can really make a mess out of the drain and filters as well. Just be proactive and hire a great palm tree trimming company to prevent any of the above happening on your property. As I said before, Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros are an excellent choice.

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